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The Role of Outsourcing in the Future of IT Services: The New World of Work Meets Outsourcing

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Where does the “New World of Work” leave Outsourcing? It’s no secret that great local technical talent is expensive and difficult to hire across a number of industries, especially in places like SF and NYC. Meanwhile, smart and ambitious engineers around the world are looking for the best opportunities, which may not be available in […]

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Start-Up Week in Austin, TX – “There are Alternative Ways to Finding a Technical Co-Founder”

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This October, our Director of Operations in North America, Nick Scheifler, had a chance to speak at ‘Gasp! There are Alternative Ways to Finding a Technical Founder!’ – a specialty panel at Austin Startup Week. This panel was put together to address the growing need for non-technical innovators to find the right resources to get their […]

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Switch says Nearshore is more than Location

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  Collaboration vs. Location Nearshore is the main topic of conversation in the IT Outsourcing industry. The term “Nearshore” naturally brings your attention to the location of the outsourcing firm. This would lead you to believe that ‘nearness’ of the firm in geography to the client directly relates to a quality experience. But is this really true? All too […]

Speed Up Your Outsourced IT Projects Without These 3 Problems

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A company who utilizes Outsourcing well is really just a company that wants to scale quickly and capitalizes on that desire by using Outsourcing. The main reasons companies use it in 2016 have more to do with scaling fast or accessing unique skills and expertise than cutting costs. However, very few business professionals have actual proven experience as to […]