Experiences, opportunities and tips for labor reconversion to programming

two opposite dark silhouettes one with images of books and the other with programming code

Reading Time: 10 minutes The main purpose of this article is to share my personal journey in reconverting to coding, willing to provoke you to identify points in common between my experience and yours. You’ll discover IT as a world with plenty of opportunities and find useful tips and learnings that I know will be helpful in your path while making that switch to IT.

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Switch Announces Partnership with Thrive Workplace in Denver, CO

Reading Time: 3 minutes We have been growing our US presence as a Nearshore software development company. Innovative firms recognize the value in rapid access to quality software engineers – to expand their product or service capabilities faster – and at a cost that still allows them to invest in growth in other non-technical areas.

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The Role of Outsourcing in the Future of IT Services: The New World of Work Meets Outsourcing

Outsourcing Software Development

Reading Time: 6 minutes Where does the “New World of Work” leave Outsourcing?
Great local technical talent is expensive and difficult to hire across a number of industries. Meanwhile, smart and ambitious engineers around the world are looking for the best opportunities, which may not be available in their local economy.

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