Switch Invests in Nearshore, Opens New Austin Office

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We are very pleased and excited to announce the opening of our new office in Austin, TX!



Our team sees this as a very important time for both the present moment and future growth of our company. At this time we are focused on dedicating resources to the growth of our US operations and strengthening our relationships there.

Switch has always realized the importance of “Facetime” and maintaining a responsive relationship with clients, as communication and collaboration are the key drivers of our success with long-time partners. Our additional office is intended to express and deliver that value to US-based clients.

We chose to break ground in tech-incubator + office space Capital Factory in Austin, TX to leverage the strong tech community,  superior millennial and entrepreneurial talent, and the burgeoning economy.

Here’s what some of our Leadership says about the move:



“Our nearshore model prioritizes the ‘human’ element of outsourcing collaboration, so building a home in the United States was the logical next step,” said Marcelo Bendahan, the co-founder and CEO of Switch. “We chose to do this at Capital Factory in Austin, the fastest growing city in the start-up world, as many of our clients are beginning to prioritize innovation for their outsourcing requirements.”






“Relocating to Austin is a part of our expansion strategy,” explains Nicolas Zangaro, co-founder and CTO of Switch.

“Feedback from both major corporations and high-growth start-ups in the U.S. tells us that our engagement model allows them to scale software development and complete projects on time more transparently and efficiently than with developers in India, Ukraine, or China. Putting an office in Austin builds on this advantage.”





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