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As part of our 2019 growth initiatives, one key focus area from Switch is sharing our story with the world – and part of that story (we hope) is the successes that are made possible by our team.

In the B2B world, finding an agency partner with vetted, proven experience is a challenge – especially for major corporations and dynamic start-ups, who need bandwidth to fuel their growth.. and more quickly than the competition.  We see third-party ‘verification’ companies like Clutch and DesignRush as key to bringing transparency to the global software outsourcing industry – where an easy vetting and verification process is   crucial to helping US-based companies effectively select partners.   That is why we applied to be listed on each of their platforms, which we have now been approved for.

A bit of info about what both of the companies do: – B2B Ratings and Reviews: focused on B2B market, and client review process.  Very specific reviews, available for clients via both phone or online.

DesignRush – A B2B Marketplace for Connecting Brands with Agencies: Focused on showcasing teams internally (includes a Team Member profiles section), and a more visual profile.

We plan to focus more on sharing our success throughout this year, and add more client profiles in the future on both platforms – but below we give a quick look at the platforms that give you an idea of how it works: 

Elements of a Review 

clutch switch software
Switch Software – profile

1) The Review
– A single statement ‘summarizing’ the partner’s general experience. 

In this case, the partner response was – 

“They have excellent developers and project managers who do high-quality work.”

2) Project Summary
– A brief description of the nature of the agency-partner relationship, or, engagement. 

In this case, the partner response was – 

“Working alongside an in-house team that handled backend development, Switch Software Solutions designed and developed a frontend for a Javascript library.”

3) Feedback Summary
– A description of the partner’s experience working with the partner – that summarizes what they liked most about the engagement. 

In this case, the partner response was – 

“Customers love the new library and the in-house team is happy with the quality of the code. Switch Software Solutions managed their side of the project seamlessly, with little oversight, while their responsiveness and professionalism made them a reliable partner.”

And More!
The above description are the main parts of the review, but the review includes more details about the partner experience including: Background, Opportunity / Challenges, Solution, and Results & Feedback sections. 

DesignRush Profiles 

DesignRush’s profiles are more visual than – 

Switch Software DesignRush software development
Switch Software – DesignRush profile

Instead of focusing on reviews given by clients, DesignRush allows for agencies to display portfolio’s displaying detailed examples of their work. 

Some of the other sections include a Company OverviewServicesPortfolio, Clientsand Press.

Clients of agencies have the ability to give a ‘5 star’ review to agencies that they enjoyed working with.  

Over the next few months, we look forward to completing our profiles with more information and reviews on both DesignRush and! 

Switch Software is proud to be named a Top Uruguay SaaS Company of 2019, and Top Uruguay IT Companies of 2019 by DesignRush.

Link to profile:
Link to DesignRush profile:


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