EpitomiOne and Switch Software Join Forces To Deliver Digital Transformation Strategy, Solutions and Services to Global Clients Amidst Trump Executive Order

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AUSTIN, TX – Today, Switch Software is pleased to announce the joining of EpitomiOne as its Architecture and Digital Transformation Strategy, Solutions and Services Partner. Dr. Tushar Hazra is the Principal and Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at EpitomiOne. Dr. Hazra has been an Executive Enterprise Architect with over 22 years of experience in various […]


Switch Software Extends US Footprint, Partners With Global Forbes 2000 List Member Amidst Trump Visa Crackdown

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South America Continues as Proven Alternative to India for US-based Corporations, Trump Adds to Fire Allied World Assurance Company (AWAC) is publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with US headquarters in New York City, and was a member of Forbes World’s 2000 Biggest Public Companies list in 2015 (source: Forbes). AWAC handles more than $10B […]

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The Role of Outsourcing in the Future of IT Services: The New World of Work Meets Outsourcing

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  Where does the “New World of Work” leave Outsourcing?   It’s no secret that great local technical talent is expensive and difficult to hire across a number of industries, especially in places like SF and NYC. Meanwhile, smart and ambitious engineers around the world are looking for the best opportunities, which may not be […]


Switch Software Enabling Innovators at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco

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Startup founders’ biggest challenge is finding someone to design and write code for them because it is so easy to hire flakes. We’re in the business of cleaning up after these messes and helping startups avoid them altogether. Switch has chosen Disrupt San Francisco 2016, one of the world’s hottest startup and tech conferences, to launch […]


Speed Up Your Outsourced IT Projects Without These 3 Problems

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A company who utilizes Outsourcing well is really just a company that wants to scale quickly and capitalizes on that desire by using Outsourcing. The main reasons companies use it in 2016 have more to do with scaling fast or accessing unique skills and expertise than cutting costs. However, very few business professionals have actual proven experience as to […]


India Created IT Outsourcing, but LATAM Made it Worth it

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India has had the IT outsourcing world locked in since the dawn of the Internet. Offering wider margins due to huge cost savings, India was a no-brainer for many US companies. Now, around 15 years later, US-based corporations are looking in a new direction: South. The friendlier, practical time-zone alignment and less drastic cultural differences (understandable English, similar educational […]